Open for business

You wanted it, now you get it. Today we officially kick off the KDE User Working Group. The
group is intended to bridge the communication gap between users and developers, with an
overall goal of fixing communication problems. To help achieve these goals, we have created a
website at, which will serve as our platform for interacting with people.

On the website we have published our mission statement, which gives a small summary of what
we are up to. It also contains the notes of our meetings. We are trying to do regular meetings,
and as we use public meetings everyone can join in.

We want regular communication with and between users and developers. That is why we need
a User Panel, a group of people who find it ok that we approach them regularly and ask them
some questions and for feedback in general. Ask how we are doing, if we are improving, etc. If
you are interested in participating in this User Panel you can sign up here.

We have also created a survey. Before we get really active, we want to know where we stand.
How is KDE doing, what are we doing wrong and what should we focus on. We can then repeat
some of the questions in say 6 months or a year and see if we have improved. We invite those
interested to please complete the survey and help us here. No sign up needed, no strings
attached, just takes 5 minutes of your time.


Welcome to the site of the KDE User Working Group.

This site will be filled with info about the work of this working group.

It contains the meeting notes, it will be the base for some surveys we want to conduct and will be used to blog by members of this group.

Read more about the mission of this group in the charter.


photo by: AlicePopkorn